Load, Aim
And Shoot The Bubble

Got a free minute to spare? Looking for a fun puzzle game to play during long car rides? What can be more fun than shooting and popping colorful bubbles?

Shoot and pop all the colored balls in this fun FREE game! Match 3 balls to blast and clear all the bubbles on the screen, complete the missions and win coins & awesome rewards. It's the classic and most addictive matching game. Work your way through all the different challenges and puzzles, solve the brain teasers and win levels. Bubble Shooter Classic is simple and easy to learn, perfect for both adults and kids to enjoy.




Give your bubble shooting experience the perfect add-on with some amazing power-ups that will help you clear some of those challenging levels that you might get stuck upon! Choose from bubble bombs to lightning bubbles and get that high score!

Tons of free
Rewards and Treasures

Enjoy a slew of free rewards and treasures throughout your bubble shooting journey in this game. From free gifts to magic spin wheel rewards, we've made sure there's always a surprise waiting for you around the corner.


- Hundreds of fun & unique levels
- Compare your progress with your Facebook friends.
- Use amazing power-ups like the bomb, Thunder, & more to clear those challenging levels.
- Play games every day to get special rewards!
- Easy to learn, difficult to master!
- Completely addicting game!
- Completely FREE to play.
- Play online or offline!